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10.01.2013 » Wonder Woman
Thanks to all the WW fans around the world. We completed the music and sound design for the viral Wonder Woman short film. Download the music for free HERE
09.11.2011 » Art Of Flight
Completed sound design for the incredible feature film, Art of Flight.
02.02.2010 » Onesize 2010
Sound design and music for the wonderful design firm Onesize. The 5th installment of the showreel experience. Enjoy.
01.10.2011 » Showtime 2010 Logo Rebranding
Created the 2010 sonic identity for Showtime Networks. Included with the final are a number of other directions approached.
06.29.2010 » The Wadsworth Haunting
Grinding violins and growling horns create a horrifying score for a thriller done in the classic 70's style.
06.28.2010 » Porsche | Loeber Motors
A flurry of engine sounds and racing pass-by's synced and pitched to match a grand operatic score. Designed for Loeber Motors and Porsche.
06.26.2010 » Methproject
Music for Methproject radio broadcast. Incredibly depressing. Dark sound scapes and soft melodies follow the stories of montana meth users.
06.25.2010 » Symphobia
Sound design and music for Symphobia's Organ Mystique. Sound design for the Symphobia package. Designed for Menno Fokma
10.13.2009 » Defrag
Ant-Zen / Hymen Records will be releasing Jeff Dodson's latest LP for his project "Defrag". The album entitled "Lament Element" is the 3rd full LP of electronic rhythms and industrial idm. Available now on itunes Ad Noiseum and more.
08.1.2009 » Flywire
Ethereal sound design for Hurley's new hyper elastic board shorts.
07.5.2009 » Eros
Runsilent recently created music and sound design for this piece about a blind person and the synaesthesia they experience.
05.12.2009 » Offf Festival
Runsilent composer Jeff Dodson recently spoke on a panel at the Offf Festival in Portugal, detailing his sound design and composing work. Jeff, along with Onesize, created the sponsor titles for the festival, which you can view here.
04.09.2009 » Runsilent Relaunch
Today we are relaunching Runsilent, the audio sister-company to Rainfall Films. We've revamped the entire site with new content and information - to get started, visit our company profile. Thanks for visiting!
03.05.2009 » 1000 Journals on DOCFest
The new film 1000 Journals, with a score by Runsilent composer Stuart Balcomb, can be seen as a part of DOCFest on the Documentary Channel. Watch the trailer here!
01.26.2009 » Music & Sound Design for Onesize Reel
Runsilent composer Jeff Dodson created original music and sound design for the Onesize 2008 showreel. Check it out at their official site.
10.15.2008 » Theatrical Jagermeister Spot
Runsilent has produced the sound design for a bone-crunching new Jagermeister commercial, playing in theaters. The 5.1 surround mix was produced by Jeff Dodson.
09.03.2008 » Sound Design for Nivea
Sound designer Jeff Dodson has recently composed a haunting, atmospheric soundscape for the beauty & skin care company Nivea.
Click here to listen to a sampling of his work.
07.26.2008 » Awards, Accolades & Reviews
Rainfall Films has just updated their website to include a page where you can easily navigate a collection of awards, reviews and miscellaneous articles - click here to visit. Also, check out Phirebrush issue #63 for an interview with composer Jeff Dodson.
07.24.2008 » Gravity and Grace
Composer Stuart Balcomb has released his soundtrack to the yoga DVD "Gravity and Grace," which is being described as "approaching the limitless divide between classical, world, and movie soundtrack music." Read the full review here.
07.02.2008 » G4tv Rebranding Takes Silver
The G4tv rebrand, a collaborative effort between studio Onesize and Runsilent composer Jeff Dodson, took silver at the Promax BDA awards this June. Jeff provided all the sound design and music for the rebrand to much critical acclaim.
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